FestQuest 2013:
The Sawtooth Circus

Are you ready to run off and join the Circus? Brought to you by Synth-Bio Productions, The Sawtooth Circus is an adventure that will send you and your friends on a Quest through the city of Seattle in teams of 10 and wind up at a secret location where we'll party it on down with tales of our adventures! Space is limited so be sure to sign-up now!

Players will proceed through the Sawtooth Circus in teams of ten every half hour starting at 11am Sat. July 27th 2013.

To register, gather your fellow teammates' email addresses and 'Circus Names' and click on the sign up button above. Teams of 10 will be allotted their desired time slots 1st. Then teams of 5 and finally singles will be used to round out the teams placing them the best we can into the time slots desired.

So grab all your friends and come out to the most spectacular show in town!

What is FestQuest?

FestQuest is an annual tradition that started at the very 1st ARGFest in Las Vegas. Being a Player based group they decided that a puzzle hunt through town would be a fun and unique way to see the city hosting the conference. It is a much loved tradition that we're proud to have been asked to partake in.

Do I have to attend the conference to join in the FestQuest?

Unfortunately the FestQuest is for paid ARGFest attendees only. But if you don't have tickets yet check out http://2013.argfestocon.com/ to register. It's truly a great deal to hear some of the pioneers and forward thinkers of this industry speak!

What exactly is it?

The FestQuest this year has been designed as a Puzzle Trail that will start at the Olympic Room at Seattle Center. The players will have to follow clues, conquer challenges and solve puzzles to find the secret location at the end of the game.

The game itself is expected to run from 2 to 2 1/2 hours and cover 1 1/2- 2 1/2 miles of walking. Players need to be prepared with comfortable clothes and shoes.

It will be outdoors and proceed rain or shine. We will do our best to make the your experience as comfortable as possible if raining ... but it's the Pacific NW and if it rains you're going to get wet. Even if it doesn't rain you might get wet... just sayin' :)

The game takes place in the real world in the middle of a large metropolitan city with all of its real world dangers. Please be observant and take care as you proceed through the game.

No ambassador of the game will ever ask you to put yourself or your teammates in danger. Please use common sense and take appropriate care while playing.

Some snacks and drinks will be provided throughout the game, but if specific medical conditions require you to have access to food/ drink or medicine you should bring them with you. Refreshments will be provided at the secret location at the end of the game.

Can I bring my camera?

Yes you definitely should bring your camera as long as you have a comfortable way to carry it in between puzzle stops. There will be many wonderful picture opportunities throughout the day.

What about my cell phone?

We request that you BRING your cell phones and make sure they're charged at the beginning of the game. Your team will need to access the interwebs several times throughout the day so it's best if you all bring them to have backups.

What if I have to use the bathroom?

There will be places you can access restrooms throughout the day.

What happens when we get to the secret location?

At the secret location food and games will be provided while teams wait for their fellow teams to finish the hunt and gather and share stories.

Transportation will be provided from the secret location back to Seattle Center til 5:30 PM.